Pushing a docker image to ECR and a little script to add autonomy to it.

I have a .NET Core program for a client which runs in a Docker container under their own AWS account via ECR (Elastic Container Registry). When a modification is required I go through the usual process and eventually push it to their ECR registry. The application isn’t apart of a continuous deployment or any automated

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NodeJS on Raspberry PI and Electron failure to chooch

Working on a Raspberry PI today and wanted to run Node on it. Easy. boom, done right? Wrong. Tried to install an npm package and this What to do instead? Run these commands, do go to and get the link to the latest version though from the node website. When that’s all good done, install

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Are you getting ‘Requested URL: /WebResource.axd – 404 NotFound’ response?

I’m working on a website which is written in traditional ASP.NET, uses AjaxControlToolKit and all kinds of historic goodies. If we where in 2008, I’d be buying the original developers a beer. However, what you can’t rely on is what gets changed after. The project uses RegisterClientScriptResource in quite a few places, been a while since

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