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A C#.NET Web and Application Developer in Hornchurch, Essex, UK
Specialising in C#.NET and .NET CORE, ASP.NET, MVC and more

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Adam Croot - Software developer in Essex

Essex Software & IOT development

I build and develop everything from websites, desktop applications, server applications and things in between. IOT (Internet Of Things) devices and linked them to websites and apps.

I've built websites for digital downloads, developed low latency systems to collect and move time sensitive data for traders.

I can provide full support from idea development to deployment and beyond.

Full stack software development and hardware R&D

Web Development

Full stack web development, single page application development, analytics and A/B testing and social integration

  • ASP.NET, .NET Core, MVC
  • Cloud integration and development
  • Angular, Express, Node
  • Google analytics integration
  • A/B testing
  • Social media integration

Applications & Backend

Back end server side and desktop client application development, low latency, high speed programming for time critical data

  • Desktop applications
  • API & REST development
  • Services and processing applications
  • Mobile apps
  • Low Latency programming

Microcontrollers & IOT

Development and research of prototype ideas for microcontroller based products and Internet of things (IOT) services.

  • Arduino/MSP430 R&D
  • Sensor & input reading and reporting
  • React to sensor values
  • Send & store data in database
  • Other R&D and prototyping

Brand's I have worked with

MC2 Marketing

Case Study


I work with The Social Golfer to maintain their website, fix issues and add new features and enhancements.

The site allows golfers around the world to create societies, find other golfers to play games with, organise events and discuss anything golf related.

Achievements so far

  • Improving conversion rates
  • Fixed long standing issues
  • Redesigned and rebuilt pages
  • Improved SEO, added email tracking, implemented multivariate testing

I've worked with TSG since October 2018. Since then I've made various improvments which have increased visitor time, SEO clicks and impressions, UI improvements and improved page speeds.

The website is built using ASP.NET Forms and serves thousands of page views a month.

Latest on YouTube

I take a remote control car and figure a way to mount a GoPro to it. This is an ongoing R&D poject where I designed a frame to mount on the car using some existing mounting points which can then have a GoPro mounted to it.

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